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Advertising Canopy Manufacturers in India


Manufacturers of Advertising Tent 6x6, Promotional Canopies, Marketing Stalls

Miri Piri's Advertising Canopy 6x6x7 - is a versatile and customizable solution for businesses looking to promote their brand or products.


  1. A brief introduction to Miri Piri and its services available all over India, both in wholesale and retail.

  2. A general overview of the Promotional & Advertising Canopy 6x6x7 - its features, benefits, and applications.

  3. The importance of promotional canopies in advertising and promoting a business or product.

Key Features:

  1. A detailed description of the Advertising Canopy's key features, including its size and dimensions, materials used, and printing options.

  2. The benefits of the imported Tetrone, American Matti, Mapsa (PVC Coated fabric) in terms of durability, color options, and ease of maintenance.

  3. The Normal, Blackout & Star Flex 160gsm to 600gsm materials are used for the top facia, backdrop, and bottom walls, their benefits, and their printing capabilities.

  4. The sturdy and portable C.R.C. powder-coated frame, its 25 OD section size and gauge starting 22 to 30, and the Mild Steel & Plastic sockets.


  1. The various applications of the Advertising Canopy, include outdoor events, trade shows, product launches, and marketing campaigns.

  2. How businesses can use the Promotional Advertising Canopy to increase brand visibility, attract potential customers, and improve their marketing strategies.

Customization Options:

  1. The importance of customization in promotional Advertising canopies, and how Miri Piri offers a range of customization options to meet the specific needs of its clients.

  2. The various customization options available, include color, design, logo, and text printing.

  3. The benefits of personalized canopies in creating a lasting impression on the audience and increasing brand recognition.

Maintenance and Care:

  1. Tips on how to properly maintain and care for the Advertising Canopy to ensure its longevity and effectiveness.

  2. The importance of regular cleaning, storing, and proper handling of the canopy, and how it can help businesses save money in the long run.


  1. A summary of the Advertising Canopy's features, benefits, and applications, and how it can help businesses achieve their marketing goals.

In conclusion, the Advertising Canopy 6x6x7 is an excellent investment for businesses looking to increase their brand visibility and attract potential customers. With its sturdy and portable design, customizable options, and ease of maintenance, it is the perfect solution for any outdoor event or marketing campaign. Miri Piri's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes it the ideal partner for businesses looking for a reliable and trustworthy Canopy Manufacturer in Delhi, India.

Advertising Canopy - The Perfect Way to Promote Your Brand with Miri Piri

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